When tackling kitchen prep, a reliable meat grinder is a game-changer. We’ve been testing the STX Turboforce II “Platinum” with its foot pedal, and it’s hard not to be impressed by its heft and performance. With a sturdy build that can power through over 3 lbs. of meat without breaking a sweat, this grinder has become a centerpiece in our meat preparation.

With multiple cutting blades and grinding plates, this grinder caters to a variety of textures and preferences, enabling us to grind everything from beef to soft poultry bones. Its foot pedal allows for hands-free operation, adding convenience and efficiency to our kitchen tasks.

STX Turboforce II Meat Grinder

However, it’s not all perfect. The foot pedal could use a longer cord for more flexible placement, and there’s a bit of a learning curve with assembly to ensure everything fits snugly. During our initial uses, it was also disconcerting to find a bit of machine oil in the mix, though this seems to decrease with use. Plus, when it comes to cleaning, expect to put in some elbow grease.

Bottom Line

The Turboforce II stakes its claim firmly in the market as a robust and efficient grinder. If you’re ready to up your home-grinding game and don’t mind a little extra clean-up, this machine is poised to impress.

Craft sausages or grind your own burger mix with confidence. Enhance your kitchen arsenal with the STX Turboforce II.

Overview of the STX Turboforce II “Platinum” w/Foot Pedal

In our frequent use of kitchen gadgets, the STX Turboforce II “Platinum” has proven to be a robust and versatile meat grinder, deserving of the attention it gets. Its high motor power effortlessly grinds large quantities of meat. We found the unit’s cooling system to be effective in maintaining the grinder’s performance without overheating, even after lengthy use.

The inclusion of a variety of grinding plates and blades offers a range of textures for different preparations, whether for fine ground meat or coarser grinds. The added sausage tubes and kubbe attachment enhance its versatility, allowing us to experiment with homemade sausages and other dishes. The foot pedal is a standout feature for hands-free operation; however, a longer cord would provide more convenience.

One observation was the occasional oil expulsion during initial uses. It’s important to keep this in mind to ensure your meat doesn’t get contaminated. Construction-wise, the high-capacity meat tray holds its promise for large batches, making it suitable for those who process meat in bulk.

The STX Turboforce II’s customer-service backing and the warranty offer peace of mind, knowing that any concerns can be readily addressed. However, we noticed that the meat tray lacked a secure fit, which we managed with a simple workaround. Overall, user feedback is positive, emphasizing its power and quality attachments, although some users find it a bit noisy during operation. It excels within its price range and is a reliable choice for home use.

High Capacity Performance

In our usage of the Turboforce II “Platinum,” we were struck by its ability to handle large quantities of meat. The grinder features a meat tray that can comfortably hold over 3 lbs, allowing for efficient preparation without constant refilling. During our testing, we processed meat at an impressive rate, getting through 220 to 260 lbs per hour. This throughput speaks to the strength of the motor and the grinder’s overall efficiency.

However, with heavy use, the grinder did emit a noticeable amount of noise, which is something to keep in mind if you prefer a quieter kitchen environment. Additionally, despite the robustness of the machine, we did encounter a minor hiccup with the foot pedal—the cord length was a bit restrictive, limiting flexibility in terms of placement on the counter.

When it came to softer bones, the grinder managed them with ease, but we advise caution and suggest sticking to the recommended uses to avoid any potential damage or wear. On the whole, the Turboforce II maintained a solid performance in our kitchen, delivering on its promise of high-capacity grinding.

User-Centric Design and Accessories

In our hands-on experience with the STX Turboforce II, we’ve found that it emphasizes user convenience right off the bat. The high-capacity meat tray can handle more than 3 pounds of meat, which is testament to its capability to manage heavy-duty tasks without a hiccup. When grinding large amounts at a time – a task the Turboforce II takes in stride – the air-cooled motor maintains its cool, which is a clever touch to ensure longevity.

We appreciate the attention to the user’s needs, such as including an array of accessories that broaden the machine’s utility. The addition of multiple grinding plates, cutting blades, and sausage tubes allows for a variety of textures and sizes, from fine grinds to chunky minces. This versatility makes it suitable for a range of culinary adventures.

Perhaps the crowning feature from our standpoint is the foot pedal control. It frees up your hands, making the grinding process a more manageable and safer task; though we could use a longer cord for better accessibility. Clean-up can be a bit of an effort, and we noticed a mix of anecdotes about this from others too. While no tool is perfect, the Turboforce II brings a lot to the table for its price point, proving to be a reliable addition to any kitchen.

Advanced Air-Cooling System

In our experience, the Turboforce II’s cooling system stands out among meat grinders we’ve tested. A common issue with electric meat grinders is overheating, especially when handling large jobs, but with this model, the flow of air keeps it cool, allowing us to work through a bulk of meat without a hitch. Though the manufacturer touts a Quad Air Induction system designed to extend the grinder’s lifespan, we did notice it still has its limits, and rigorous, continuous grinding can warm up the unit somewhat.

The cooling system certainly gives us peace of mind when working on larger projects, like preparing sausages or grinding down meats for pet food. Nonetheless, we must emphasize that while this system is a substantial benefit, it’s not an infallible protection against all overheating—extended use can still lead to warmth, but notably less than what we’ve seen in other grinders.

On the downside, some users may find the system a bit loud during operation, which is somewhat expected given the power and cooling features in place. Our advice? Make sure your workspace supports a bit of noise, and you’ll find that the benefits of this effective cooling system far outweigh the minor inconvenience of sound.

Durable Build and Warranty

From our experience with the Turboforce II, its construction feels solid and robust, ready to take on frequent use. Handled a variety of meats, the heavy-duty build didn’t show any immediate signs of wear. It stands on the heavier side at 13 pounds, but that weight contributes to its stable operation and longevity. Ours came with all the promised attachments, no fragility noted in the grinding plates or sausage tubes—even after several sessions of grinding.

While working with it, we found that the manufacturer, STX INTERNATIONAL, is confident in their product’s durability. They back it with a warranty, giving buyers some peace of mind. We didn’t need to use the warranty service, which is a testament to the product’s resilience. However, it’s a valuable addition, ensuring users are covered in the event of any unexpected issues. This kind of support reflects the brand’s commitment to quality and customer satisfaction—a reassuring aspect for any potential buyer.

Ease of Use and Maintenance

Having tested the STX Turboforce II, we’ve found its operation to be straightforward, making it accessible even to those who might be new to using electric meat grinders. The foot pedal is particularly handy for hands-free use, allowing us to multitask in the kitchen efficiently. Although the cord length could benefit from being a tad longer, it’s a minor inconvenience compared to the overall functionality of the product.

When it comes to maintenance, cleaning does require some attention. We appreciate that it’s able to handle a considerable volume of meat, which is a testament to its robust build. However, preparing for the cleaning process immediately after use is crucial to prevent any meat remnants from drying out and sticking. Despite needing a bit of effort for a thorough clean, considering the machine’s power and performance, this felt like a fair trade-off.

We have also observed that after multiple uses, the grinder may release some oil during operation. This was somewhat surprising initially, but seemed to diminish over time. Keep in mind that regular checks and maintenance will ensure that the Turboforce II operates smoothly for a long time.

Pros and Cons


After thorough use of the STX Turboforce II, we’ve compiled several advantages worth noting. Firstly, the machine has a solid build quality with a heavy-duty 2000 maximum watt electric grinder, making it suitable for larger jobs. The high capacity meat tray, which can hold over 3 pounds of meat, adds convenience for bulk processing.

We appreciate the inclusion of a foot pedal for hands-free operation, which improves the overall meat grinding experience. Additionally, diversity is a strong point, with the Turboforce II including a variety of grinding plates and sausage stuffing tubes, allowing for different meat textures and sausage sizes. The Advanced Variable Intake (AVI) Technology efficiently grinds 220 to 260 lbs of meat per hour, which showcases its impressive performance capability.

The customer service for this product is responsive and helpful, vital for troubleshooting or assistance. Lastly, the 3-year warranty offers peace of mind on the investment made in this grinder.


However, there are also downsides we encountered. The foot pedal cord is shorter than expected, which can be inconvenient depending on your kitchen setup. We’ve also observed that initially, the machine tended to expel oil during use, a concern for those who want to avoid any potential contamination in their food preparation.

While the grinder is advertised to handle soft bones, we’ve decided against testing this capability to prolong the machine’s life, so we can’t confirm its effectiveness in grinding bones. Cleaning after use, although not overly difficult, does require some elbow grease, as some parts are not dishwasher safe and need careful manual cleaning.

Though generally the Turboforce II is great for its price, one minor mechanical issue was that the top holding plate did not always fit snugly, which can be a bit frustrating during extensive use. This required a makeshift solution to ensure a secure fit.

In summary, the STX Turboforce II is a powerful and versatile kitchen tool for meat grinding and sausage stuffing, albeit with a few manageable quirks.

Customer Reviews

After finding ourselves in need of a reliable meat grinder, we came across the STX Turboforce II. Many users have praised its effectiveness, highlighting how it simplifies grinding various meats, which was also our experience. The unit boasts decent power, which we noticed when working through tougher meats like deer, without a hiccup.

That said, some have pointed out minor inconveniences, such as the short cord on the foot pedal, which we found could use a couple extra feet for optimal ease of use. In our use, cleanliness was straightforward, although it did require a bit of effort, aligning with others’ observations. One point of critique, which we encountered as well, revolves around the occasional oil spitting from the machine during early use, but this didn’t seem to compromise the grinder’s performance.

Another noteworthy mention from users, which aligns with our findings, is regarding the top holding plate. A few wrapped it with tape for a tighter fit, a simple fix that proved effective for us too. Overall, we found that it offers good value for its price, supporting a variety of attachments and grinding plates that cater to different needs, which the versatility-seeking users will appreciate. Despite its quirks, the consensus confirms that for at-home grinding tasks, from pet food to gourmet sausages, the Turboforce II stands up to the challenge.


After extensive testing and numerous batches of meats ground, we’ve formed a very solid opinion on the STX Turboforce II “Platinum.” The powerful motor and multiple accessories, including various grinding plates and sausage stuffing options, show that this machine is built to handle a variety of tasks. We admire its versatility and workhorse capabilities, especially when we ran batches of homemade sausages and burger mixes through it.

However, we did notice that the short cord on the foot pedal could be an inconvenience, and there’s room for improvement in the fitting of the top holding plate. Also, users should be ready for a bit of a mess, as the machine can leak oil during use, especially when new. Cleaning it demands a bit of effort, but that’s to be expected with heavy-duty kitchen equipment.

Overall, at this price point, the grinder’s strengths outweigh its weaknesses, making it a worthwhile consideration for home use. We’ve been pretty satisfied with its performance for all the meat grinding tasks we threw at it.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the STX Turbo Force 2000 compare to other grinders in terms of power and efficiency?

We noticed the Turbo Force 2000 stands out with its heavy-duty 2000 maximum watt electric motor, which is quite high for its class. This power translates to efficiency, allowing it to grind a significant amount of meat rapidly. When we used it, the results were consistent, processing meat smoothly without overworking the machine or causing undue strain.

What are the common maintenance issues with the Turbo Force 2000 Meat Grinder?

Throughout our experience, we identified that cleaning is crucial for optimal performance and longevity. The machine demands regular maintenance, especially ensuring that no meat residues are left since these can affect the blades and motor functionality over time. Some reviews mentioned occasional oil leakage, suggesting the need to keep an eye out for any signs of excess oil during cleaning.

Can the Turbo Force 2000 handle heavy-duty grinding tasks like bones and thick meat cuts?

In our tests, the Turbo Force 2000 dealt impressively with various meat cuts, including thicker portions. However, it’s worth noting that while it manages soft bones, such as those in chicken or rabbit, it’s not designed for harder bones or non-meat items. Pushing it beyond its intended use could lead to wear or damage.

How user-friendly is the Turbo Force 2000 Meat Grinder for beginners?

One of the key features that make the Turbo Force 2000 approachable for beginners is its simple assembly and operation. The controls are intuitive, and the additional foot pedal enhances hands-free use. We found the included manual and accessories help ease new users into grinding without feeling overwhelmed.

What are the differences between the STX Turboforce II Platinum and the Turbo Force 2000 models?

Having used both models, we’ve observed that the Turboforce II Platinum often includes more accessories and has additional features like the foot pedal, which the Turbo Force 2000 may lack depending on the specific package. It’s also worth noting the cooling system in the Platinum model that might give it an edge in continuous use.

Are there any safety concerns associated with the Turbo Force 2000 Meat Grinder that consumers should be aware of?

Safety is one area where the Turbo Force 2000 does not disappoint. The machine includes a circuit breaker for electrical safety, and during our usage, all moving parts were adequately shielded to prevent accidental contact. As with any grinder, adhering to proper usage guidelines and keeping hands and utensils away from moving parts is vital to avoid injury.

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